The maritime economy is one of the most promising areas of development in the South Baltic area but despite the  strong lobbying and support coming from the regional authorities of the South Baltic regions for the intensive development of the maritime economy, there is still a lack of international instruments in the entire South Baltic area supporting  marketing activity of SMEs at the international level.

INTERMARE South Baltic is a project undertaken to support the maritime economy in the whole region of the South  Baltic through a network of companies and stakeholders joined under the common brand INTERMARE South Baltic, easily  recognized in the region and in other European and global markets.

The goal of the project is the creation of a network of companies and also stakeholders (clusters, employer’s organizations, regional and local authorities, etc.) for a greater recognition of SMEs from the SB region on international markets  as well as better cooperation in the supply chains within the region. The INTERMARE South Baltic project will create and  implement a number of measures to integrate the actors of the SB region.

The maritime companies from the region will be able to promote themselves at international maritime fairs, cross-border network development meetings, and promotion and activities in Europe.