Maritime events

INTERMARE South Baltic Project Partners, will organize participation in business events. In consultation with partners, Gdańsk International Fair Co. will continue to look for and develop the possibilities of strengthening the promotion and co-operation of maritime SMEs from the South Baltic region. The project will have an exhibition stand at most important maritime events in the world. We invite maritime SMEs from the South Baltic region to join us at these events. Participation at the INTERMARE South Baltic stand for SMEs from the South Baltic region will be free of charge. There is also the possibility to send companies information  materials to be distributed at events.

About INTERMARE South Baltic Programme:


Maritime exhibitions with INTERMARE South Baltic stand:

8. Spotkanie informacyjne projektu InterMarE 6.02 Gdańsk AMBEREXPO
Prezentacja Alfa Laval INTERMARE 2020.02.06 (pdf)
Prezentacja StoGda – Pionierzy elektrycznej żeglugi 2020.02.06 (pdf)
Prezentacja Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH 2020.02.06 (pdf)

7. EUROPORT 2019 – 5-8 November 2019

6. Spotkanie informacyjne projektu InterMarE 22.10 Gdańsk AMBEREXPO

5. NOR-SHIPPING 2019, Oslo, Norway (4-7 June 2019)

4. SMM 2018, Hamburg, Germany (4-7 September 2018)

3. BALT MILITARY EXPO 2018, Gdańsk, Poland (25-27 June 2018)

2. OCEANOLOGY INTERNATIONAL 2017, London, United Kingdom (13-15 March 2018) 

1. KORMARINE 2017, Busan, South Korea (24-27 October 2017)